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How I write: Day four and five

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t really plan heavy writing on the weekend.  I’ll usually just see how the day plays out and if I have extra time here and there, I’ll add a few words.  So, the numbers aren’t spectacular, but it’s a planned slacking off.  🙂

Sat. – Went to the dog park, did a little shopping, took daughter out to ride her bike. Battled major fatigue all day despite the beautiful weather we’re having in Seattle.  I have a hypothyroid and neglected to refill my prescription for two weeks because I was feeling good without it.  (that was a silly thing to do!) Probably why I’m feeling so crappy despite eating healthy, (for the most part)  and getting plenty of sleep.  Definitely will be going to the pharmacy first thing Monday morning.

 Also, plans fell through for a dinner date with friends, but the way I was feeling it was probably a good thing.  We rescheduled for next weekend and we’re looking forward to it!  I did manage to write briefly and got in 300 words. Not much but it’s still going forward and that’s what matters the most when I’m in the middle of a project.  Once I stop, it’s hard mentally to get back into it.

So, Sat. totals – 300 words.


  • 3:50 pmAfter church, lunch, hanging out with family and a really short nap, the kids went to a birthday party and now the house is nice and quiet.  Sat down to write for 20 min and got 300 words in.  Now for a light pick-up around the house, some errands and then heading over to the birthday party to hang out and pick up kids.
  • 6:30 pmGot back from the birthday party and immediately plopped down in front of the computer and almost unconsciously went on the internet and haven’t written anything.  (haha)
  • 6:45 pm – I don’t feel like writing anything right now so I’m going to deploy the egg timer technique.  Here’s how it works.  Get a timer, set it for 15 minutes, write.  When the timer goes off you can either stop or hopefully you given yourself some momentum and you keep going for as long as you can.
  • 7:15 pmOnly managed 220 words, but a little bit of researched popped up and the kids needed me a few times.  One word at a time, folks. 🙂
  • 8:15 pmPlayed with the dog and sat outside a bit and came back to writing at 8:00pm.  I wrote for ten minutes and got in another 200.  I have a bit of research to do before I write more.  I’ll be putting the kids to bed, and after that I’ll finish the night with research.  

So, totals for the weekend are are 1,200.  

Pretty low, but great for me during the weekend.  Back to the 1,800 daily word count tomorrow.  See you then!




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