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The Ten Glorious Emotions of Writing a Novel.

1.) Self-confidence:

“This idea is absolutely brilliant and unique!  No one is as clever as I!”

2.) Robust enthusiasm:

“I love thinking and talking and writing about this brilliant story!  Why look, just tonight I wrote four thousand words in one sitting and it was amazing!”

3.) Disillusionment:

“I was just at Barnes and Noble and there was a book on the shelf just like mine.  I is no longer unique snowflake. And writing a book is really hard.”

4.) Doubt:

My plot isn’t unique and I suck as a writer.  What’s the point?”

5.) Encouragement:

“Well, my mom thinks it’s a good story and she said that there aren’t any more new plots and it’s okay because my book will still be different because it’s written by me.  I guess I’ll keep at it.”

6.) Resentment:

“I hate this story.  I hate these characters.  I just had this brilliant idea for another story and I’m stuck writing this piece of crap because of some lame commitment I made.  And it wasn’t really a commitment because it wasn’t to anyone else or for anything that matters.  No one is going to care that I stopped writing this godforsaken story! And I suck as a writer.”

7.) Determination:

“Writing is a marathon, not a race.  Writing is like climbing a mountain one word at a time. What does that even mean?!? I hate these stupid writing mantras.  If I can just get through this thorny part of the plot! *$#!!ammit!”


“Wow.  I finally made it past the middle of the book.  The rest of the book will be exciting to write.  I just might be able to do this!”

9.)Renewed enthusiasm:

I’m a third of the way! I can see the end from here!  I’ll be done in a few weeks!


It’s done!  I did it! But, now I have to read the novel line by line, warts and all and revise it until it’s smooth and shiny.  Wonder if it sucks?  Wonder if I hate it and it has some fundamental flaw that can’t be fixed.  *Sigh*

Well, there was that brilliant idea I had a month ago that I put away until I finished this novel. Hmm, I wonder….


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