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A great post by super prolific Indie author, Elle Casey

I was checking out one of my favorite indie author forums, Writer’s Cafe on the KB boards when I came upon a post put up by Indie author Elle Casey.  Elle Casey, for those who don’t know, has started writing 15 months ago and has written 18 books since. EIGHTEEN BOOKS! IN FIFTEEN MONTHS! Her average is a book or more a month!

She explains how she does it here.  She is a powerhouse, some say a freak, and yet for most professional writers (those who make their living writing novels) this is what they do.  You may not know that some of your favorite authors have multiple pen names in different genres – but a lot of them do.

For first time authors, just starting out – this is extremely rare.  Most of us start out thinking it takes years to write a good book.  But Elle and other prolific authors are shattering those myths.

I’ll never produce the numbers she does, but just knowing it can be done, and done well and consistently gives me something to aspire to.  She’s my inspiration!

Also, check out her books.  She writes YA and she’s good, too!





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