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Okay, a week has gone by so I thought I’d put out a little update on how things are going.

Day 8Didn’t start writing until around 1pm but managed to put down 980 in an hour of writing time.  Quit around 2pm to run errands, added a few paragraphs before dinner but didn’t get back on until the kids went to bed.  Wrote another 1,100.

Totals for the day are: 2,080.

Day 9 – Not much writing done today.  Sat down for a few minutes after lunch and got in 250 words.  Kids are in bed now but I don’t feel like writing at all.  I’ll deploy the egg timer technique and see how far it gets me.

Total for the day: 804

Not a good day.  I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

Day 10 – Some days, my words are uninspired duds.  Like today.  I wrote a few hundred this morning and hopped back on around 1pm and read through what I wrote in the morning.  It was all terrible and I had to scrap it and start over.  I was able to clean it up a bit, but now I’m actually a little negative.  haha!  

Now that the newness of my novel is wearing off, some days it’s just going to feel like work and it’s just something I have to push through.  And if you are able to push through, you gain just a little more tenacity, and a bit more stamina that will serve you well on the days to come.  On the hard days like today, I learn more about being a writer then on the easy days.

Well, going to go at it again for 30 minutes and we’ll see what happens. 

Wrote after the kids went to bed.  Got in another 900 bringing today’s totals to: 1,550

Not reaching my daily word count goals, but considering how uninspired I felt earlier, It feels like an accomplishment, never the less.

Day 11Nothing.  Busy day. Also the weekend where I planned to not write as much.

Day 12Mother’s Day.  Hung out with family then visited my mom – so no new words.

Day 13I have no idea where this day went. 0 new words. No excuses – just being a total slacker…(bad writer!)

Day 14Totally lost momentum and came to a halt as far as plot.  Employed the ‘Notebook technique and wrote out scenes by hand for the next couple of chapters.  Sometimes the only way to get through writers block is by writing my way out by hand.  Anyway, obstruction has been loosed.  Wrote 600+.  Ugh. Still way behind!

Day 15Suck it up, Buttercup!

Haven’t done writing all day.  It’s now 4:30 and I’ve got some (unexpected errands to run for my son’s project for school)  Writing will have to wait until kids go to bed.  Good news is I’ve gotten past my plot problems and know where I’m headed for the next couple of writing sessions.

10:pm and I’m calling it a night.  Only added 640+ words.

Grand total: 16,100  (I’m about 10,00 words behind at this point, but still moving forward one word at a time.)  

So, obviously, this last week was pretty bad as far as word count goals go, but these things happen.  Either I get sick, kids get sick, or there’s unexpected life ‘things’ that happen or other responsibilities take over.  I can either beat myself up for not keeping pace or I can just pick myself up and keep going – even if it’s only a crawl.  The important thing is to keep moving.  That’s the only way I know how to finish a book –  just keep writing!


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How I write: Day seven

This will be the last of my daily updates on this journal.  I’ll now be moving to updates every few days or maybe even weekly.  This is because it’s going to get really repetitive, really fast.  I know I would get bored reading about someone making a pot a coffee and tinkering around on a keyboard seven days a week!  If something exciting happens, I’ll let you know.  But for now, I think you get the gist.

Alright, that said, here’s how day seven went.

9:35 am – Dropped son off at school (daughter is sick today), made a pot of coffee, read a little from my daily devotional and now sitting down to write.

10:05 amWrote 400 words.  Taking a break to make some breakfast and pick up the kitchen.

12:20 pmGot some chores done,  made lunch for my daughter goofed off too long on the internet. Now time to write.

1:50 pmwrote 369 more.  Story is coming along fine.  Just my back hates my office chair and I need to move around. Time to fold laundry.

2:30 pmGot some laundry folded, hung out with hubby a little bit and then got really distracted by the internet.  (the internet has got to be the biggest challenge for me to overcome as a writer.  Haha.)  Writing now…

3:30 pmOnly 350 new words.  I had to go back into the manuscript and change a few things to fit a new idea.  Then did a little on the fly google research and had to help my daughter with a few things, a call from school about my son – thank god it wasn’t anything bad! A call from the school get my blood pressure up every time! (haha)

9:00 – 10:50 pmAfter picking up son from school, I went shopping.  Got home, made dinner, hung out with family, and finally started writing again after kids went to bed.  Wrote  623 more words.  

So, today’s totals are: 1,838 which meets my daily goals.  But, I’m feeling like I have some more words in me and might give it another 15 minutes, but I’ll be done journaling for the day.

Overall total: 10,040  

I’ve got some catching up to do, but there’s still three weeks to go.

I hope some of this has been inspiring to some of you.  It has been a fun experiment and probably more of a benefit for me than for anyone else.  As I mentioned above, I’ll keep updating but just not as often.  Thanks for reading!



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How I write: Day four and five

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t really plan heavy writing on the weekend.  I’ll usually just see how the day plays out and if I have extra time here and there, I’ll add a few words.  So, the numbers aren’t spectacular, but it’s a planned slacking off.  🙂

Sat. – Went to the dog park, did a little shopping, took daughter out to ride her bike. Battled major fatigue all day despite the beautiful weather we’re having in Seattle.  I have a hypothyroid and neglected to refill my prescription for two weeks because I was feeling good without it.  (that was a silly thing to do!) Probably why I’m feeling so crappy despite eating healthy, (for the most part)  and getting plenty of sleep.  Definitely will be going to the pharmacy first thing Monday morning.

 Also, plans fell through for a dinner date with friends, but the way I was feeling it was probably a good thing.  We rescheduled for next weekend and we’re looking forward to it!  I did manage to write briefly and got in 300 words. Not much but it’s still going forward and that’s what matters the most when I’m in the middle of a project.  Once I stop, it’s hard mentally to get back into it.

So, Sat. totals – 300 words.


  • 3:50 pmAfter church, lunch, hanging out with family and a really short nap, the kids went to a birthday party and now the house is nice and quiet.  Sat down to write for 20 min and got 300 words in.  Now for a light pick-up around the house, some errands and then heading over to the birthday party to hang out and pick up kids.
  • 6:30 pmGot back from the birthday party and immediately plopped down in front of the computer and almost unconsciously went on the internet and haven’t written anything.  (haha)
  • 6:45 pm – I don’t feel like writing anything right now so I’m going to deploy the egg timer technique.  Here’s how it works.  Get a timer, set it for 15 minutes, write.  When the timer goes off you can either stop or hopefully you given yourself some momentum and you keep going for as long as you can.
  • 7:15 pmOnly managed 220 words, but a little bit of researched popped up and the kids needed me a few times.  One word at a time, folks. 🙂
  • 8:15 pmPlayed with the dog and sat outside a bit and came back to writing at 8:00pm.  I wrote for ten minutes and got in another 200.  I have a bit of research to do before I write more.  I’ll be putting the kids to bed, and after that I’ll finish the night with research.  

So, totals for the weekend are are 1,200.  

Pretty low, but great for me during the weekend.  Back to the 1,800 daily word count tomorrow.  See you then!



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How I write: Day number 3

8:00 – 9:50 – Woke up late! Scrambled around getting kids ready, came home made coffee, visited with husband, goofed off and haven’t wrote a thing.  Having a really slow start this morning.  House is a disaster! Friends coming over tomorrow! Wondering how far I can push the ‘hey, I’m just going to be genuine and real and this is my house in it’s normal state’ card with my friend.  haha!  Now to decide whether to write or do dishes….hmm. Coffee is kicking in finally. Write it is!

10:50Wrote 706 words, a good start for me.  Now for a refill of coffee, and a little internet break before I pick up daughter from school. 

2:30 After picking up daughter and lunch I went straight to cleaning.  Still got more things to do.  No new writing.  Back to chores!

5:20Still no new writing.  Making dinner now.  I suspect I wont be able to write until kids bedtime.  🙂

6:20Got really tired after dinner and thought about taking a 20 min nap.  Took a hot shower instead and feel refreshed – also back and hip pain calmed down.  Kids are out shooting bb-gun with hubby.  Time to write for a few minutes.

6:50Wrote 200.  Got stuck doing google research (women’s field hockey of all things, haha) Will try more later.

7:50 – 8:10 –  Added another 300.  Total for the day is at 1,135.  Will try again after kids go to bed.

9:45Calling it a night.  No new words, I’m just too tired.

So total for the day is 1,135.  Good for me but didn’t meet my daily goal.  But that’s okay!  Today was really busy and I still managed a little over 1,000.  I’ll be taking a break from writing tomorrow and for most of Sunday.  But depending on how I feel Sunday night, I’ll try and add a few words.

Total word count overall is: 5,171



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The story behind the Ninja books

And now a little background on how “How Ninja Brush Their Teeth” came about.

It all started because I was sad.  I had put up a snippet of some other writing on a writers forum and it was pretty much hated across the board.

Even my husband, my love, my best friend, the one who I bounce all my ideas off of hated it too.  So, I was sad and deflated and couldn’t bring myself to write a word for a whole week.  And instead of writing, I browsed the internet, reading writer forums, writing blogs, looking for inspiration when I finally found a blog by Kristin Kathryn Rusch that basically had one central theme.  If you are a writer, then suck it up and write.

It lit a flame in me. I licked my wounds and put myself back on the keyboard and because I was out of ideas and just needed a quick writing exercise , I looked for a writing prompt and came up with two words: Ninja + Toothbrush.

That’s the story.  What started out as a writing exercise of 1000 words has now grown into what I hope to be a three book series.

Inspiration can come from anything – but most often, at least for me, it comes from a recent defeat.



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My latest “Work” in progress.

I mean, really.  Can making up stories and writing them down be considered “work”?

Writing in an entertaining fashion, yes.  But come on – you writers know that for the most part this stuff is really fun for us.


About a month ago, I was in the middle of having a pity party, when I read a blog by Kristen Katheryn Rusch that inspired me to get out of a writing slump I was in.  I don’t remember the specifics of the blog post – if you want to read it yourself, I would suggest reading all of her posts because she is awesome and the type of writer that I aspire to be.

Anyway, something she said resounded like a clash of cymbals and snapped me out of feeling sorry for myself and to get my ass off the couch and back into that old, creaky, duct-tape wrapped contraption that my husband and I affectionately call with quote fingers – “The Office Chair”.  It is not one of these, I assure you.  I hate it.  And it hates me.

So, there I was, sitting in the “Office Chair” ready to kick butt on the keyboard but without any clue what to write. Whether it was a grocery list or a living will, it didn’t matter. I just needed to write something.

So, I tried a writing prompt.  You basically pull two random words or three or four – it doesn’t matter – out of the air and try to make a story out of them.  Some writers use pictures to do this, or some make up titles of books and try to come up with a story to fit – but, I extracted, with some difficulty, two random words from the top of my head.  And they were, Ninja + toothpaste.

I think that maybe living with a very rambunctious nine-year old boy might have had something to do with how easily the word Ninja came to my mind.  The other was probably because it was nearing bedtime for my kids and I was trying to convince them to brush their teeth/use toothpaste sometime in the next decade so I could have my evening mommy let down time.

So, Ninja Toothpaste.  That’s how my latest novelette, How Ninjas Brush Their Teeth was born.

At first I didn’t expect much out of it, but as I wrote – the plot started coming along and now, I believe I could write a sequel if there was ever a demand for it. (pfft! Don’t get me wrong, I like it – but I have really odd tastes and there’s hardly a guarantee that anyone else will .)

I have about a chapter left on it now, and after it’s done, I’ll probably let it sit for a week before going through my revision process and sending it out to beta readers.

I’m planning on uploading it by the end of September.  Can’t wait!

Oh, and a couple of months ago I mentioned I had finished my novel Pandora Mech?  Yeah, still revising that one.  Finishing that project once and for all and getting it into the hands of beta readers will now be my main focus.

Well, that’s it.  Thanks for stopping by!



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