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So, How Do Professional Gamer’s Play With Regular Folk? They Give themselves a -56 point deficit.

I saw this video on the The Halo Council forums and found myself all at once in awe, on the verge of a rage fit, and laughing at the same time.  Or, it was also like  watching that documentary where beautiful Orca’s are filmed in the wild killing baby seals and playing with the bodies.  They no longer are beautiful Orca’s – they are now the biggest dicks of the animal kingdom.

Anyway, if you ever played a FPS or Halo on Xbox Live, you should be able to understand the context of this video.  If not, It’s probably going to be really confusing – especially with the quality of video not being the best.



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Asteroid Mining, Dyson Spheres, Glimmers and Aches

Two recent news stories have captured my imagination of late – or more likely, confirmed an imagination already groomed for the news by having read sci-fi novels since I was eight years old.

Asteroid mining has been a staple of Science Fiction novels for decades – even the video game inspired Halo novels mentions mining colonies built into asteroid belts and supplying the UNSC fleet with precious metals for war.

And what seemed so far away from possibility from when I was a kid is now the very near ambition of  private industry who has  been leading the way into making this a reality, by sending a bunch of satellites  into space in the next couple of years to search out the best targets for mining.  Amazing.

Then I read another article that some people believe the technology is there to start the early stages of building a Dyson Sphere – or at least a Dyson swarm.  So what the heck is a Dyson thingy?

Well, for who don’t share my particular nerdish fascination with sci-fi or old Star Trek: Nest Generation episodes,

or never read Larry Niven’s Ring World, or played the video game Halo (which is a Dyson Ring)or know what the heck a Dyson Sphere is – just go here.

I love the collective imagination of our species and that we live in a time to see some of the strangest and most ambitious of these innovations come to fruition – perhaps even in our lifetime.  It’s nice to get a peek through the smog and catch a peek at something brighter that glimmers with hope and calls us to something better.

I know the solution for humanity will never come from the stars or Dyson Sphere’s or asteroid mining, but maybe these glimmers  and wild flurries of imagination, will remind us of something lost and something just beyond our reach.  And that the ache of it will call us forward into a startling place or an unexpected truth.

Now, to world build my new sci-fi fantasy apocalyptic space opera that takes place in a Dyson Sphere that is falling apart due to old age!  Actually, never mind.  Dystopian future’s are too easy.  It’s always been the optimistic sci-fi that has sparked our collective imaginations, don’t you think?




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And a little bit of this!

Also an area of research of mine for my book.  Although, admittedly, I’ve been (ahem) “researching” this since 2004.

So, those are three solid hints to what my book is about.  You can keep tabs on my progress with my little widget I put on the upper right tab.  I hope to be done with the rough draft either mid or late April and then comb through it several times before sending it out to beta readers in June.   By early summer, I hope to have this self-published and available on all electronic formats and also have print versions available through a print-on-demand service(either Createspace or LuLu – haven’t decided which yet!).

In the meantime, I’ll post the more significant updates as I go and maybe even post a few sample chapters along the way.

But first, I need to finish the darn thing!  So, back to writing for me!



P.S.  (because, I thought it was funny)

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