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How I write: Day seven

This will be the last of my daily updates on this journal.  I’ll now be moving to updates every few days or maybe even weekly.  This is because it’s going to get really repetitive, really fast.  I know I would get bored reading about someone making a pot a coffee and tinkering around on a keyboard seven days a week!  If something exciting happens, I’ll let you know.  But for now, I think you get the gist.

Alright, that said, here’s how day seven went.

9:35 am – Dropped son off at school (daughter is sick today), made a pot of coffee, read a little from my daily devotional and now sitting down to write.

10:05 amWrote 400 words.  Taking a break to make some breakfast and pick up the kitchen.

12:20 pmGot some chores done,  made lunch for my daughter goofed off too long on the internet. Now time to write.

1:50 pmwrote 369 more.  Story is coming along fine.  Just my back hates my office chair and I need to move around. Time to fold laundry.

2:30 pmGot some laundry folded, hung out with hubby a little bit and then got really distracted by the internet.  (the internet has got to be the biggest challenge for me to overcome as a writer.  Haha.)  Writing now…

3:30 pmOnly 350 new words.  I had to go back into the manuscript and change a few things to fit a new idea.  Then did a little on the fly google research and had to help my daughter with a few things, a call from school about my son – thank god it wasn’t anything bad! A call from the school get my blood pressure up every time! (haha)

9:00 – 10:50 pmAfter picking up son from school, I went shopping.  Got home, made dinner, hung out with family, and finally started writing again after kids went to bed.  Wrote  623 more words.  

So, today’s totals are: 1,838 which meets my daily goals.  But, I’m feeling like I have some more words in me and might give it another 15 minutes, but I’ll be done journaling for the day.

Overall total: 10,040  

I’ve got some catching up to do, but there’s still three weeks to go.

I hope some of this has been inspiring to some of you.  It has been a fun experiment and probably more of a benefit for me than for anyone else.  As I mentioned above, I’ll keep updating but just not as often.  Thanks for reading!




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How I write: Day number 3

8:00 – 9:50 – Woke up late! Scrambled around getting kids ready, came home made coffee, visited with husband, goofed off and haven’t wrote a thing.  Having a really slow start this morning.  House is a disaster! Friends coming over tomorrow! Wondering how far I can push the ‘hey, I’m just going to be genuine and real and this is my house in it’s normal state’ card with my friend.  haha!  Now to decide whether to write or do dishes….hmm. Coffee is kicking in finally. Write it is!

10:50Wrote 706 words, a good start for me.  Now for a refill of coffee, and a little internet break before I pick up daughter from school. 

2:30 After picking up daughter and lunch I went straight to cleaning.  Still got more things to do.  No new writing.  Back to chores!

5:20Still no new writing.  Making dinner now.  I suspect I wont be able to write until kids bedtime.  🙂

6:20Got really tired after dinner and thought about taking a 20 min nap.  Took a hot shower instead and feel refreshed – also back and hip pain calmed down.  Kids are out shooting bb-gun with hubby.  Time to write for a few minutes.

6:50Wrote 200.  Got stuck doing google research (women’s field hockey of all things, haha) Will try more later.

7:50 – 8:10 –  Added another 300.  Total for the day is at 1,135.  Will try again after kids go to bed.

9:45Calling it a night.  No new words, I’m just too tired.

So total for the day is 1,135.  Good for me but didn’t meet my daily goal.  But that’s okay!  Today was really busy and I still managed a little over 1,000.  I’ll be taking a break from writing tomorrow and for most of Sunday.  But depending on how I feel Sunday night, I’ll try and add a few words.

Total word count overall is: 5,171



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How I write: Day Numbah Two

Okay, here’s day number two.  Unfortunately, my life is boring.  Sorry about that!  Feel free to watch this video instead and then skip to the bottom.  😉

  • 7:45 – 10:30 amTook kids to school, stayed and helped in daughter’s kindergarten class until 9:30 am.  Got home around 10:00 am, hung out with hubby watching YouTube videos of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Not sure why.  Ate breakfast, made coffee, and ready to write.
  • 11:15 amWrote for 45 minutes and got in 657 words.  Time for a small internet break before picking up my daughter.
  • 12:30 pmHad a picnic lunch with daughter on the front porch bcause…sunshine!  Now to catch up on housework that I didn’t do yesterday.  Goal for today is to see the bottom of my kitchen sink and to chip away at clean laundry pile in the living room.  Also need to wash some whites today and plan dinners for the month.    (I don’t  always plan meals but when I’m writing a book it helps keep  my stress around dinner time at a minimum.  I should probably always plan meals, hmm…)  Well, time for dishes.
  • 1:45 -2:10Kitchen is picked up but still not fit for guests. ( haha) Laundry pile has been significantly cut down and managed to catch up on one of my pastors sermons via mp3.  After wasting a half hour on Facebook it’s time to write while daughter finishes watching Toy story 3 (bad parenting? I’ll let you decide. haha)
  • 2:45Movie over, daughter fell down and bumped head and needed some hugs.  Now I’m really hungry and about to eat a late lunch.  Managed to write 500 more words.  Total so far today is 1,162.  This is good for me, so far.
  • 6:15Dinner was Aloo Gobi (potatoes, cauliflower, rice and lots of spices) read with daughter, son is doing homework and hubby is watching a little t.v. before work.  Feeling a bit cotton-headed right now. Not sure how much I’ll be able to write during this session, but we’ll see how it goes.
  • 6:30Only got a few sentences before back and hip made me get out of the office chair. Also, too many disruptions.  Decided to wait until after kids go to bed to finish up my word count.
  • 9:15– I’m calling it a night. Had some disciplinary issues with one of my kids which kind of drained me a bit.  But I did manage to write another 400 words bringing today’s total 1,758.

Total word count so far: 4,036

This number is excellent for me.  I wish I could have done more, of course, but I’ll be very happy if I can find a way to maintain this average throughout the month.

See you tomorrow!  Also, feel free to ask questions if you have any.  😉




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