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How Ninja Brush Their Teeth: Now available on Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords

Just a quick update.

How Ninja Brush Their Teeth is now available in all formats.  Still waiting for Nook to upload it, but it should be any day now!







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I’m going on vacation: Here’s a free story!

Summer has been pretty darn busy!  Between having to catch my son up on fourth grade math in two months and all the other summery activities, I haven’t had much time to blog.

And now I’m running off again for another week to visit some family in the sunny state of California.  Being from Seattle, this is my only chance to have a summer.  We don’t have summer’s here, really, besides the occasional break in the clouds where suddenly the ceiling parts and we realize that there is a summer going on and we weren’t invited.

I guess I can’t complain.  We heard that there’s like a drought going on? and this might raise the price of microwave popcorn? and there’s some forest fires somewhere, too.  Yikes!  Get rainy, rest of America!  Sounds dangerous!

Anyway, since I’ll be absent for another week, I thought I’d make it up to you  and give you a link to my novelette, The Girl and the Guitar which will be free during the week I’m gone.

Actually, if you download and read it and perhaps maybe reviewed it? – you’d be doing ME a huge favor.  I need some reviews!

So, thanks in advance to anyone who clicks the link and downloads it!

Speaking of links –SHA-ZAM!– There it is!



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Cover attempt # 1 for my upcoming short story: The Girl and the Guitar

I’m finishing up on a short story called The Girl and the Guitar and have been playing around with a cover.  I really wanted to commission someone to do it but we just bought a car and well, yeah, not much money for stuff like this.  So, it’s up to me and my incredibly lame technical skills that can barely manage simple programs like MS Paint and MS PowerPoint.

I downloaded Gimp, the free/share ware version of Photoshop and took one look at the tool bar and unplugged my computer.

Luckily for me, my husband said he’s going to help fix it up on his weekend and see if we can find a good font for the title and move the image around so there’s less empty space which is driving me absolutely crazy!

So why even bother showing the work in progress image warts and all?  I guess I think it’s interesting?  It may not be pretty to look at but it’s interesting. Hopefully, the lovely six other people who read this blog think so as well? No? And if you guys have any suggestions or critiques, let me know.  It should be obvious by now that I have no idea what I’m doing.




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