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A Summary of my summer so far

It’s been a while since I just sat down and wrote something.  I always get a little discombobulated during the summer, figuring out new routines while the kids are out of school, doing job searches and overhauling our finances.

As far as writing news, How Ninja Brush Their Teeth is now free everywhere.  Downloads of the free book have been meager but steady, resulting in a few downloads of the second story in that series: Rock Pirate Ninja.

I’ve been debating whether to write a third installment or move on to another project.  I have a napkin scratch idea of a plot for a third book – most likely a full length novel and would love to explore more of these characters I’ve grown to love – namely Chuck and T.B’s back stories and sub-plots.  I have a lot of background for them that never made it into the first two books.  I thought it would be interesting to explore the martial art Kajukenbo, the style that Chuck and the gang are students of.    Originally, the Rogue Ninja Series was meant to explore the dynamic personalities of three martial arts and how they played off each other.  Ninjitsu (Tetsuo), Systema (Vasha) and Kajukenbo (Chuck).  

So, what’s holding me back?  Money. The money I make from selling the books isn’t enough to cover a cup of coffee once a month let alone the editing and cover costs for a full length novel.  Not to mention the time, blood, sweat and tears that go into making a book readable.

What changes my mind?  Readers.  Even readers of the free stuff.  The thrill of knowing someone read something I wrote and liked it is a thrill hard to match. I know the likelihood of making any kind of profit from this series is virtually nil – I just wish I could make enough to cover production costs.

It’s frustrating!  I wish I was better at marketing!  I swear, if a young person ever comes up to me and asks what classes I should take to become a better writer I would tell them to take a class in sales and marketing and go to the library for the rest. Ha!

Anyway, that’s what’s happening these days.  If I sound discouraged with writing, it’s because I am.  It happens.  And it usually goes away in a couple of days, or if I’m in a hurry – after a couple of drinks.  😛




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Okay, a week has gone by so I thought I’d put out a little update on how things are going.

Day 8Didn’t start writing until around 1pm but managed to put down 980 in an hour of writing time.  Quit around 2pm to run errands, added a few paragraphs before dinner but didn’t get back on until the kids went to bed.  Wrote another 1,100.

Totals for the day are: 2,080.

Day 9 – Not much writing done today.  Sat down for a few minutes after lunch and got in 250 words.  Kids are in bed now but I don’t feel like writing at all.  I’ll deploy the egg timer technique and see how far it gets me.

Total for the day: 804

Not a good day.  I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

Day 10 – Some days, my words are uninspired duds.  Like today.  I wrote a few hundred this morning and hopped back on around 1pm and read through what I wrote in the morning.  It was all terrible and I had to scrap it and start over.  I was able to clean it up a bit, but now I’m actually a little negative.  haha!  

Now that the newness of my novel is wearing off, some days it’s just going to feel like work and it’s just something I have to push through.  And if you are able to push through, you gain just a little more tenacity, and a bit more stamina that will serve you well on the days to come.  On the hard days like today, I learn more about being a writer then on the easy days.

Well, going to go at it again for 30 minutes and we’ll see what happens. 

Wrote after the kids went to bed.  Got in another 900 bringing today’s totals to: 1,550

Not reaching my daily word count goals, but considering how uninspired I felt earlier, It feels like an accomplishment, never the less.

Day 11Nothing.  Busy day. Also the weekend where I planned to not write as much.

Day 12Mother’s Day.  Hung out with family then visited my mom – so no new words.

Day 13I have no idea where this day went. 0 new words. No excuses – just being a total slacker…(bad writer!)

Day 14Totally lost momentum and came to a halt as far as plot.  Employed the ‘Notebook technique and wrote out scenes by hand for the next couple of chapters.  Sometimes the only way to get through writers block is by writing my way out by hand.  Anyway, obstruction has been loosed.  Wrote 600+.  Ugh. Still way behind!

Day 15Suck it up, Buttercup!

Haven’t done writing all day.  It’s now 4:30 and I’ve got some (unexpected errands to run for my son’s project for school)  Writing will have to wait until kids go to bed.  Good news is I’ve gotten past my plot problems and know where I’m headed for the next couple of writing sessions.

10:pm and I’m calling it a night.  Only added 640+ words.

Grand total: 16,100  (I’m about 10,00 words behind at this point, but still moving forward one word at a time.)  

So, obviously, this last week was pretty bad as far as word count goals go, but these things happen.  Either I get sick, kids get sick, or there’s unexpected life ‘things’ that happen or other responsibilities take over.  I can either beat myself up for not keeping pace or I can just pick myself up and keep going – even if it’s only a crawl.  The important thing is to keep moving.  That’s the only way I know how to finish a book –  just keep writing!

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