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I finally got a REAL cover this time!

Not just some crap whipped together in MS Paint!

Thanks goes to James at humblenations.com who’s brilliant, wonderful to work with and has amazingly fast turn around.

How Ninja Bruth Their Teath - High Resolution

My husband is constantly telling me, with covers you need to sell the sizzle and not the steak, and this cover is all about the sizzle.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

I’m so close to finally uploading the book.  I did a ton of revision on the first chapter. Something about it had been bugging me for a while now and after a recent read through I decided it needed an overhaul.  I’m finally at peace with it and now it just needs a another pair of eyes to look for any grammar issues I may have missed.  (Thanks Valerie, for being willing to help me during such a busy season!)

I’m also working on a side project for an old friend of mine, comic book artist and writer Alan Gandy.  He asked me to submit a story for his Seattle Nights Presents Comic.  I’m excited for the opportunity but was uncertain if I could come up with something original for him based in Seattle.  Not to mention we are completely at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to content! He’s zombie, horror, erotica and I’m just not that… exciting.

So, I decided to look through some old notes I had.  Sometimes ideas rattle around in my brain and get in the way of projects I’m currently working on and the only way to purge them is to write them down in a notebook and move on.

Well, in my notebook I found an odd little idea for  a short story called, Median Earl.  Here was the pitch:

If America had a pantheon of gods, Median Earl would have been the lowest on the rung. Given only the desolate bits of land that divided America’s great highway and byways, and the little islands of dry grass and scrub that intersected deserts of hot, lifeless asphalt, Median Earl was given the mission of sustaining whatever life managed to crawl out of its barren crust.
If Median Earl was the lowest American god, than Griswald Marquis was his one and only follower. Just a homeless man that came across Median Earl under a North Interstate 5 overpass in Seattle, Griswald dedicates the rest of his life following and recording the acts of this lesser known god.

It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted to write a comic book script and I’m a bit rusty.  So far, the story is coming along nicely but it’s growing and new characters are popping up like weeds and now a nasty villain just came out of the shadows.  But for now, I’m just going to get it all down and tighten it up later.  Wish me luck! I really hope to give him something he can work with.

That’s it on the writing updates.

The tragedy in Connecticut has been on my mind, of course, along with you and everyone else.  Prayers continue to go up for that community and for the parents of the terribly young victims who are now bound together  in their loss, like bits of driftwood circling around a gaping black whirlpool.  God have mercy.

I’m reminded of the teacher who hid her class in a small bathroom and told them all how much she loved them because she wanted them to know they were loved before the gunman came in and killed them.  Thank God they were all spared and thank God for that brave teacher.  I think of my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and I know for a fact that she would have done the same thing.  And it’s people like this that give me hope.

Yes, this world is sick.  It’s diseased.  But there is still love here.  And it shines brightest in the darkness.

Peace and Prayers for CT.

Cheers and Blessings!



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Cover attempt 2.0

Here’s the second attempt on my own with a mock-up of the story title and my attempt at filling in some of that empty space in the corners.

Blah.  What sucks is that I know how good it could look if it was in the hands of someone with more technical skill.  It’s kind of frustrating for me to look at right now.

On the other hand I’m almost done with the story!  And I’ll be posting the first chapter as soon as it’s combed through in revision a couple of times.  😉




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Cover attempt # 1 for my upcoming short story: The Girl and the Guitar

I’m finishing up on a short story called The Girl and the Guitar and have been playing around with a cover.  I really wanted to commission someone to do it but we just bought a car and well, yeah, not much money for stuff like this.  So, it’s up to me and my incredibly lame technical skills that can barely manage simple programs like MS Paint and MS PowerPoint.

I downloaded Gimp, the free/share ware version of Photoshop and took one look at the tool bar and unplugged my computer.

Luckily for me, my husband said he’s going to help fix it up on his weekend and see if we can find a good font for the title and move the image around so there’s less empty space which is driving me absolutely crazy!

So why even bother showing the work in progress image warts and all?  I guess I think it’s interesting?  It may not be pretty to look at but it’s interesting. Hopefully, the lovely six other people who read this blog think so as well? No? And if you guys have any suggestions or critiques, let me know.  It should be obvious by now that I have no idea what I’m doing.




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