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Pepe’s turn

(I was given a writing prompt to have one of my characters from the current book I’m writing to guest blog.  I thought I’d give Pepe, one of my minor characters a chance to talk.  Here are the results!)


I’m guest blogging for R.  I usually don’t do this kind of thing but whatever.  I was told to talk about what I’m doing and where I’m at right now.

Right now, I’m sittin’ back behind the offices a little ways.  I found a nice shady spot with lot’s of privacy and when people start getting too much up in my business, I come here for a little alone time.

I’m supposed to be guarding this facility – or whatever this place is in the middle of Texas somewhere.  They call it Thorpeco and this dude Thorpe runs this place.  You never really see him though – he’s always busy up in the hanger experimenting or something.

That’s what Teke’s doing, I guess. She’s my little cousin. Working with Thorpe on some robots or something.  They don’t let me go in there.  Just walk around the buildings, they say.  Guard the perimeter.

I don’t know why they got her out here, but they offered her a lot of money to play around on the robots.  She said they were interested in her because of her professional gaming experience.  They thought her skills would help them come up with a better user interface.

Really?  They gonna pay you 50,000 because you good at video games?  Sounds fishy to me.

I told her I wasn’t going to let her board a plane to go live with some people she never met for money they promised her. It sounded bullshit, so I bought a ticket and went with her to check up on some things.  Ooh, she was pissed!  She didn’t talk to me the whole plane ride.  I didn’t care.

At first, when we got there, they tried to tell me to go home.  I was like, that aint happenin dude.  If you want her you’re stuck with me.  I guess they needed her real bad, because they gave me a job as a security guard and put me up in a little dorm room with the rest of the gamer brats they hired to help with the robots.

So far, the place seems legit.  I don’t see Teke that much – she’s always busy either studying up on some manual or in the hangar with the rest of the kids working on the robots.

It’s probably better that way.  Ever since I took aside one of those little punks they hired with her and told him to back off of Teke, she been giving me the evil eye.

Haha.  I probably embarrassed her.  You think I care about what she thinks of me?  All I care about is keeping her safe.  She just thinks I’m some overprotective daddy-wanna be.  I told her, well, if your dad aint gonna take that responsibility – someone else is gonna jump in and try to fill that void.  Lot’s of guys will try to fill that spot that have no business being in your life.  If someone’s gonna do it, it might as well be family.  She brushed me off like she always does.

But whether she realizes it or not.  She needs me.

And I’ll be right here.

Until whatever she’s doing get’s done and she gets paid.  Cause that girl needs to go to college.  She’s too smart to be stuck with me all her life.



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