My Books

Rogue Ninja Series – 

Tetsuo is your typical ninja; stoic, loyal to the clan and motivated by honor. But when one mistake gets him demoted to a nine to five job, his once adventurous life becomes a prison of monotony. 
Frustrated by his clan while being relentlessly stalked by a female ninja rival, Tetsuo reaches his boiling point and seeks out a fight to blow off steam. Unfortunately, he picks a fight with the wrong crowd that leads him on a completely unexpected adventure full of mystery, love and a stray cat.
Note to parents: PG-13, with sexual situations and allusions to sex, violence and some strong language.

Available on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo & Smashwords

Rock, Pirate, Ninja picks up right where Tetsuo and Vasha’s fugitive romance left off. Relentlessly pursued by the clans with whom they were once loyal, they find themselves trapped on the Cayman Islands with a bloodthirsty new enemy who is determined to do whatever it takes to eliminate them no matter who or what gets in their way.

Available on Amazon

(Short story) 
Popular and irreverent talk-radio show host, Chip Gregory interviews his latest controversial public figure – an android named Paul, who claims to believe in God. While on the airwaves of his volatile and popular call-in talk radio show, Chip finds his audience just as explosive as its subject matter.

Available on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo & Smashwords


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