About me? Why? Are you with the government?


So, something I did made you want to look up extra information on me, huh?  What did I do? Are you the government?  If you are, I assure you all those military websites I looked up were strictly for research on an upcoming military sci-fi book I’m writing.  I swear! Okay, the 420 website, not so much.  But I’m looking into natural remedies for common illness and the 420 site came up and I was curious.

I realize that you also may be someone who is interested in my writing and are curious about me and that’s cool.  But mom, you really don’t need to check up on me on the internet.  I’m fine.  Just call.  Or I’ll call you.  I do need that recipe for Kolache again – I keep losing it.  Also, we were wondering if you could babysit next weekend.  We wanted to see a movie.

Love you!

Tell Dad hi!


7 responses to “About me? Why? Are you with the government?

  1. BEST “About” page ever! I laughed through the entire thing. I came here because I saw you liked my post and I wanted to check you out. As a fellow writer – you can consider me your latest follower!

    • LOL! We’ll I’m honored! I love your blog posts and learn something every time I read them. Now I’m going to have to be on my toes about my bad grammar and word usage when I post. (which is a good thing.)

  2. Just read Interview With An Android. Loved it! Want to say much more, but I don’t do Facebook-it’s just a tool of the government, you know.

    • Thanks so much, Jim! It’s makes my day to hear back from a reader – and even more when they like it! And my husband refuses to use facebook for the same reasons, btw. 😉

  3. Your page looks amazing! Better yet, it looks interesting. Can’t wait to go through your posts.

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