Hygienic Ninja and my publishing schedule

It’s usually when I start posting specific dates for things to happen that suddenly life decides to prevent whatever I have predicted or scheduled from ever happening.  For kicks, you know, because when things happen just as planned – it’s boring.  Ask any storyteller worth their salt – they’ll tell you.  You want to put your audience asleep?  Have everything be swell.  This ties into my belief that God can be compared to an author and if your life is getting too easy and boring – be prepared for a little ‘conflict’ or ‘plot twist’ hiding in waiting around the next corner.


I have a tentative publishing schedule planned for the next three months!

How Ninja Brush Their Teeth will be released sometime in December.  For the reason posted above I wont give an exact date, but the date is in my head and I’m working really hard to get there.  I have a couple more revision passes to go, some plot thingies to add and then re-familiarizing myself with the whole HTML formatting hocus-pocus that I admittedly totally forgot how to do since the last time!  Gosh, it’s only been since August, too.  Oh well, I’m hoping it’ll be like riding a bike…

In January I’ll be going into heavy revision of Why Ninja Dress Like Pirates, my part 2 of the Ninja series.  Depending on how that goes and when my beta readers get back to me, I’m hoping to release that towards the tail end of January.

And for my third installment of the Ninja series that I’ve tentatively named, Ninja Verses  Soccer Mom Super Villian, will hopefully be done, revised and up for sale late February or March.

During all of this, I’ll be working on a historical fantasy based on late 1800’s Seattle which I’m really looking forward to for the change of pace.  No, it’s not Steampunk, but more Wizard of Oz-ish/Odyssey kind of thing.   Not sure when that will be done though, I’m hoping before summer.

Anyway, that’s about it on writing updates!




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