I write therefore I wroted: Update on writing stuff

This is not a picture of my mom. This is Grandma Moses and is my mom’s facebook profile picture. She is just being silly.

Hi mom,

I thought I’d give you an update on what I’m writing about these days.

I’m pleased to announce  ‘How Ninjas Brush Their Teeth’ is now done and in the hands of beta readers.  I’m just waiting to hear back from them to find out what needs to be added, switched, corrected and deleted from existence.  The shock of red pen-marks slashed all over my manuscript is never fun, but each time it happens it gets easier and easier, and the story always ends up being 100 percent better because of it.

You’re probably wondering why your daughter is writing about Ninjas brushing their teeth.  Well, mom, you had a weird child.  And you’re pretty weird yourself so it only makes sense that these things are passed down in the genes.

And no, it isn’t a children’s story about oral hygiene. Those are totally played out now anyway, since Spiderman and The Hulk got that material covered years ago.  A generic Ninja would have no voice in that crowd.

Anyway, I’m hoping somewhere in the first half of October, How Ninjas Brush Their Teeth will be out and up on all the major e-distributor sites ready for sale.

Speaking of sales,  The Girl and the Guitar’s have been dismal.  Aint no sugar-coating it.  It is what it is.  I pretty sure most of my sales have been from you and dad and some really supportive friends of mine.  And for each of those I’m extremely grateful!

Interview with an Android is averaging about 10 downloads a day – but it’s free so those numbers aren’t amazing, but I’m hoping it will grow an audience hungry for more of my work.  It’s received some really amazing reviews in the meantime – which is surprising for me since it was one of the first things I’d written, and not very well, I might add.

You just never know what’s going to resonate with readers.

Ninjas. I’m hoping for ninjas.  And if that doesn’t work, I might try exploring rabid Chihuahuas for a change of pace.

As for my lackluster sales, I think I have a couple of things going against me at the moment.  One, my covers suck!  They suck so much that I can’t make print versions of my books at Createspace because the resolution is so bad. With print versions I’d be able to hand them out and try to drum up some local word of mouth – or something!  I really need professional help with the covers or Photoshop – but I can’t afford either.  I’m just stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, but don’t worry, because I’m not worried – it will all happen in its own time and I’m in it for the long haul.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep writing and building a nice back-list of content to put up throughout the year.  And maybe beg for book cover money for Christmas, birthday and mother’s day gifts…hint, hint, HINT!

Already, I’m starting to write the sequel to How Ninjas Brush Their Teeth, and have a third planned.  I also have about a dozen other stories waiting to be written and more being thought up everyday.  I’ll never have a shortage of ideas, thanks to your weirdness genes.

Love you!  Call you later!




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  1. You realized you posted this on your blog, not your mom’s Facebook page, right? 🙂

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