My latest “Work” in progress.

I mean, really.  Can making up stories and writing them down be considered “work”?

Writing in an entertaining fashion, yes.  But come on – you writers know that for the most part this stuff is really fun for us.


About a month ago, I was in the middle of having a pity party, when I read a blog by Kristen Katheryn Rusch that inspired me to get out of a writing slump I was in.  I don’t remember the specifics of the blog post – if you want to read it yourself, I would suggest reading all of her posts because she is awesome and the type of writer that I aspire to be.

Anyway, something she said resounded like a clash of cymbals and snapped me out of feeling sorry for myself and to get my ass off the couch and back into that old, creaky, duct-tape wrapped contraption that my husband and I affectionately call with quote fingers – “The Office Chair”.  It is not one of these, I assure you.  I hate it.  And it hates me.

So, there I was, sitting in the “Office Chair” ready to kick butt on the keyboard but without any clue what to write. Whether it was a grocery list or a living will, it didn’t matter. I just needed to write something.

So, I tried a writing prompt.  You basically pull two random words or three or four – it doesn’t matter – out of the air and try to make a story out of them.  Some writers use pictures to do this, or some make up titles of books and try to come up with a story to fit – but, I extracted, with some difficulty, two random words from the top of my head.  And they were, Ninja + toothpaste.

I think that maybe living with a very rambunctious nine-year old boy might have had something to do with how easily the word Ninja came to my mind.  The other was probably because it was nearing bedtime for my kids and I was trying to convince them to brush their teeth/use toothpaste sometime in the next decade so I could have my evening mommy let down time.

So, Ninja Toothpaste.  That’s how my latest novelette, How Ninjas Brush Their Teeth was born.

At first I didn’t expect much out of it, but as I wrote – the plot started coming along and now, I believe I could write a sequel if there was ever a demand for it. (pfft! Don’t get me wrong, I like it – but I have really odd tastes and there’s hardly a guarantee that anyone else will .)

I have about a chapter left on it now, and after it’s done, I’ll probably let it sit for a week before going through my revision process and sending it out to beta readers.

I’m planning on uploading it by the end of September.  Can’t wait!

Oh, and a couple of months ago I mentioned I had finished my novel Pandora Mech?  Yeah, still revising that one.  Finishing that project once and for all and getting it into the hands of beta readers will now be my main focus.

Well, that’s it.  Thanks for stopping by!




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