Learning to be a self-publisher

Learning to self-publish is easy, but learning to self-publish well is hard.  I recently dipped my toe into learning HTML so I could have cleaner documents to convert into all the different formats that the major self-epub vendors use.  That was much harder to learn than I thought it would be.  It turns out I’m a spaz and have to read and re-read simple instruction several times before they get through my thick skull and are absorbed by my skittery little mouse brain! *grin*

I think I finally have a handle on it, barely, but it’s getting better.

I’m way behind on a lot of writing this summer – things got busy, but I’m hoping with the new school year and after my kids adjust to a new school and things begin to settle down more, I can really buckle down and get more content up.

As of now I only have two short stories out there which are linked over to your right!——>

And so far have had zero sales on the Kindle. 😛

It has only been a week, and I’m hoping putting more content up will eventually lead to a bigger online presence and more sales.

I’m looking at this long-term and building an audience is a slow process that relies mostly on word of mouth.  I don’t think I have ever bought a book from an advertisement or because of a tweet or a Facebook nudge – but I will always pay attention to a book recommended by a friend.

In the works I have another novelette, this time a pulpy, action and adventure story with ninjas, and on the drawing board a short military sci-fi (toasty but not burning)romance.  Still debating on whether to write those under a pen name since it’s written with a totally different style than my other works.

Also, I’m on my last revision pass of Pandora Mech and would love to have that thing up in stores before November (video game release month) because most of my intended audience for that particular book are gamers and they will NOT be reading in November when Halo 4, COD Black OPS II and all the other games are released. 

But for that to happen it really depends on the kindness and availability of beta readers who are willing to help me file down the rough edges.  And the people I know who do that really well are busy and have lives and sometimes, it’s a lot to ask.  But, if it doesn’t get done by then, it will come out eventually and I have many stories yet to tell and  feel like I’ve found my rhythm writing short fiction/novelette and novella length works and am looking forward to making them available to read soon!




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