Hugh Howey bought my book!

If you read sci-fi and don’t know who Hugh Howey is – please, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with his break-out series called Wool.  It’s some of the most immersive writing I have read in sci-fi for a long time.  He is also a self-published author who has found huge success and one of those outliers that all of us one day-dream to be.  I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned his success to my husband in hope of him getting on board with my dream of one day being able to make money with self-publishing – but it’s a lot and I’m sure he’s pretty sick of hearing that name, actually!

So for Hugh Howey to be the first one to buy The Girl and the Guitar – ever,  is … just frikken wild, weird and cool and surreal and awesome and puzzling and crazy all at the same time.

I was replying to a thread in a writers forum to congratulate a fellow self-publisher on her 5,000th sale and I mentioned how I felt inspired by it despite my zero sales and that it gave me hope for my own success.  Right after that, Hugh Howey replied and said, “There, I bought a copy.  Now you are on your way!”  And then I typed some nonsense in return as I fell out of my chair onto my ass.

I’m just so giddy!  Even if he hates it – my book is on his kindle and I think that’s just so cool.  And even if I don’t sell another copy, it just motivates me to keep trying and to keep my head up.

I also don’t want to forget that two other posters in that thread also took pity on my non-existent sales and bought a copy of Interview with an Android.

I realize that these were bought out of pity – but you know what?  I’m okay with that!  They were trying to encourage me and guess what?  I’m very encouraged!  LOL

So thank you Hugh, T.L Jennings and Donald Wells!

This reminds me of an old friend of mine, Alan R. Gandy,  who writes Zombie graphic novels and  told a story on a podcast that he was at comicon and George A. Romero came walking by, checking out all the zombie books and comics and stopped by his table, picked up his comic, thumbed through it and set it down before walking off.

The interviewer asked him if it bothered him that he didn’t buy his book, and he said, “No way!  I was so excited that George A. Romero just touched my book, are you kidding?”

When I heard that I remember chuckling and thinking to myself, wow, I hope I can have the same attitude someday.  And now I totally get what he meant!




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