Wrestling with Revision and Submitting to Submission

Since putting the finishing touches into my short story: The Girl and the Guitar – revising of  Pandora Mech is back on the front-burner again.

I’m way behind!  I was hoping to be done with it by now and uploading it for all the world to read, but it’s far from ready for anyone to read – let alone Beta readers.  I’m now in the middle section of my book and reading chapters I forgot I had written.  Some of what I read left me pleasantly suprised, other stuff makes me wonder when I left and decided to allow a chimpanzee to sit down and bang on my keyboard for a few paragraphs.

There’s also these two romantic sub-plots that I started at the beginning of the book, forget about in the middle and then try to tack on a resolution in the end.   Which is odd, and makes me wonder what I was thinking at the beginning.  Did I just assume that because I have a mixed gender cast of characters, there’s a hidden rule of story telling which automatically requires them to hook up at the end?  Or does it really improve the plot?  Hmm.  So, I have that to figure out.

This is probably really boring to read about, right?  It is.  Revision, at least at this point is not very exciting.  Just work.  And not the glamorous kind – more like the scrubbing pots and going after the bathtub ring kind.

Anyway, moving on!

I decided to send my short story/novelette (The Girl and the Guitar) to an e-publisher to see what would happen.  After all, e-publishers could potentially help with the one thing that was holding me back from publishing it myself, which is the cost.  We just don’t have the money for a professional editor or cover artist at this time.  If (and I mean BIG “if”) I got picked up by an e-publishing house, they would do all of that for me.  There most likely wouldn’t be an advance, but I would get a royalty of the net earnings.  Still, nothing to write home about but it would be a respectable start and it could help build a fan base for if and when I decide to self-publish.

Anyway, I’m not to hopeful about it at this point.  There really wasn’t that many e-publishers that would take a story of my genre and word count – one of the other few being a small e-pub arm of a  Big-Six-New-York publisher I really admire but who will go unnamed –  who I decided not to submit to for various reasons.  Most notably is their notoriously slow submission times.  They state pretty clearly that any story sent to them could potentially be on submission for a year, you may never hear back from them about it and they would prefer you not submit to anyone else during that time.  Because if they actually do decide to take you on and you had since moved on and found another publisher and passed on them, they would remember who you were – FOREVER.

Yeah, as much as I love this publishing house and would love to see my story published under that name, I decided to pass and save us both the trouble.  Why would I wait around  and sit on a story for a year, knowing how slim my chances are with them anyway?

Maybe some other time.

So, my plan is to hopefully hear back from the e-pub I sent my novelette to, and hopefully hear back from them in a few months.  Depending on their feedback, I’ll send it out again to another one and if those pass on it, I’ll  go ahead and publish it myself and let it loose upon the world.  Probably to only be read by friends and family, but at least somebody will be reading it.  And that’s why we write the darn things isn’t it?  So they can be read?   😛




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