Untangling the plot, encountering ghosts, and a little bit of heart and soul.

Revision of my novel has been going slower than I’d care to admit.  I was hoping to be done with the first pass by the middle of May which happens to be today and I’m only about  35% of the way through the first revision.

A couple of things are slowing me down – mostly having to re-write the chapters that I had written from the POV of a character I deleted and strengthening the scenes of some minor characters I’m bringing more to the front of the story.

So far, my plot is holding strong and I’m not encountering any holes or dead ends, but I’m just having to untangle a few sub-plots here and there due to the character changes and deletions.

Along the way through the revision, I’m trying to fill out my characters a bit, give them more substance, and of course,  a little bit of heart and soul.

Yes, I just linked to a 1987 T’Pau song.

Deal with it.

I’m still looking for a cover artist and have been glancing around Deviant art.  Unfortunately, most of the artists that really turn me on are already big time concept artists for video games and blockbuster summer movies and knowing their commission rates makes me faint a little.  My husband is talking to a guy who knows a guy that was an artist for Magic the Gathering cards.  We should be in discussion with him soon to find out if he’s interested in the project and find out if we can even afford him.

Also, I’ve been looking into some professional editing and pricing that too and that’s turning out to be a whole other faint-worthy topic.

We can’t afford any of it right now so I’ve been praying to God and looking for jobs to do on the side.  You need a babysitter on the weekend?  Hit me up!  😉

It looks like I got a few Beta readers lined up for me when I finish and I’m excited about that too.  But, I could always use more!  So, if I know you in real life and you  like to read military sci-fi, have a critical eye and are not afraid to tell me when something sucks and doesn’t work – hit me up for that, too!




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