And a little bit of this!

Also an area of research of mine for my book.  Although, admittedly, I’ve been (ahem) “researching” this since 2004.

So, those are three solid hints to what my book is about.  You can keep tabs on my progress with my little widget I put on the upper right tab.  I hope to be done with the rough draft either mid or late April and then comb through it several times before sending it out to beta readers in June.   By early summer, I hope to have this self-published and available on all electronic formats and also have print versions available through a print-on-demand service(either Createspace or LuLu – haven’t decided which yet!).

In the meantime, I’ll post the more significant updates as I go and maybe even post a few sample chapters along the way.

But first, I need to finish the darn thing!  So, back to writing for me!



P.S.  (because, I thought it was funny)


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